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Gourmet coffee and true American-style bagels, as well as cheesecakes, brownies, and more.


Started as an insiders’ joke between two friends exploring the wilderness of Berlin, the two now have a brand new life as protagonists of a cozy little coffee place right at the frontier between P’ Berg and Pankow. We specialize in serving gourmet coffee grown in Ethiopia and roasted by Coffee Circle locally, in Berlin, and true American-style bagels baked by Fine Bagels bakery and served with various types of cream cheeses matching nearly any taste. We tried to make our space as welcoming as possible, just as our own living room would look like, offering snug and somewhat vintage interior with bits of art from Berlin-based illustrators.

FOUNDERS of Flint & Watson
Kseniya Belinskaya and Scott Boylan


As interesting of a cafe they have built together, they are an even more interesting couple. Kseniya who is originally from Ukraine met Scott, from California, on a flight from Berlin to London in 2006. It all started with drinking a cup of coffee together at a London airport, and has continued happily with building their own Flint &Watson Coffee and Bagel bar in the beating heart of Berlin. With both Kseniya and Scott having a background in business, traveling worldwide and undoubtedly passion for coffee, they have used their combined experience and skills to open one of the best coffee bars in town.

Scott and Kseniya would love to say SPECIAL THANKS to Flint & Watson closest friends and inspirers,

ALJOSCHA BLAU, a Berlin-based artist and illustrator, for breathing new life into Flint & Watson

ANNA KIRIKOVA, a linguist and communications specialist, for verbalizing Flint & Watson’s new incarnation,

DANIEL SCOTT, a designer, for the original Flint & Watson counter design and construction

HANNES FENDRICH, a big coffee lover and connoisseur, filtered coffee star at Coffee Circle, for helping us to choose the perfect coffee beans for our place

MARVIN SANDER, la Marzocco representative and coffee-machine guru, for tuning our vintage Linea to make our ‘best coffee ever’

and EXBERLINER magazine, Berlin’s monthly culture and reportage magazin, for being there with us from the early start

Flint & Watson
Coffee and Bagel Bar
Berliner Str. 84
13189 Berlin

Opening Hours
Mo-Fri 9:00-18:00
Sa-So 10:00-19:00




Coffee Circle is committed to Ethiopian coffees of highest quality and the next stage of fair and direct trade. Additionally to fair purchase prices we, together with the coffee farmers, realize projects in the fields of education and health. Our customers support these projects with 1 Euro per kg coffee. This money is fully invested in the project implementation in Ethiopia.

Fine Bagels

A long cold rise, a quick sweet boil, a toast and a schmear…these bagels are the real thing. Flavors change daily and don’t stray far from traditional bagel flavors…plain, poppy, sesame, dark seeded rye, double sesame, egg, poppy egg, onion, onion plum, plum, cinnamon raisin, potato, za’atar, and more.

Shakespear & Sons

Located in the Prenzlauer Berg neighborhood of Berlin, this is the latest project of the Shakespeare and Sons bookshop based in Prague, Czech Republic. In the store you can find an ever-growing collection of new and used books of every genre, from fiction to philosophy to children’s to art.


Berlin’s monthly culture and reportage magazine. Germany’s largest English-language publication.