“I am English Acadian French, Scottish, Belgian, Irish and Norwegian.” Other people tend to be more simple using their governmental goals: “My fantasy would be to develop a social movement when it comes to development of the ‘European Israel’. I might want to view it develop from key culture to social club, to governmental celebration, to country.”

Lucas from southern Ca is in their mid-30s, likes bluegrass and sailing music, hates soccer and techno beats. He calls their political views “hardline” but also believes he could be a liberal” that is“classical. He states he likes women that are“serious undoubtedly females [sic], extremely feminine”.

Lucas addresses me personally as “sister” and describes that “women of French extraction” capture his interest disproportionally. To him, probably the most respected feminine character trait is “demureness”. “i actually do appreciate French and honour culture that is french” he says and asks me personally when we can convert the discussion to txt messaging.

Benjamin through the United States is less impressed with France and asks me personally the way I may possibly live here. He informs me about their visit that is last to, exactly exactly just how he saw “tonnes of immigrants from Africa therefore the center East in Paris all attempting to sell trinkets and stuff close to the tourist spots”. He read history, therefore he likes evaluating present occasions through the viewpoint of history.

“I see plenty of parallels using the contemporary Western globe and Rome prior to Rome fell,” he informs me. “All of this happened to Rome, which resulted in their collapse: it wasn’t a change from Republic to Empire that managed to make it collapse, fundamentally it had been inflation and change that is cultural nationalism and pride become Roman to an even more tribal mindset and concentrate from the requirements regarding the people.”

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