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Since the oldest among the third-generation Concepcions, Renna Hechanova-Angeles holds responsibilities that are many your family’s organizations. She is the vice chairman of the board and treasurer of Concepcion Industrial Corporation (CIC), a ongoing company that has been established as one of the leading providers of air-conditioning and fridges. She is Black adult dating sites also the vice secretary and chairman of Concepcion Durables Inc (CDI), a subsidiary of CIC. Hechanova-Angeles serves as a manager of Concepcion-Carrier Air Conditioning Company (CCAC) as well, that will be another subsidiary of CiC and a jv between Concepcion Industries Inc (CII) and Carrier Corporation. In CII, she holds the title of executive vice president and secretary that is corporate.


Since 1993, Davila has made a mark in the field of news and general public affairs on her no-nonsense method of reporting. in February 2018, the British international affairs magazine Monocle cited her in its set of eight international media characters who are shaping the headlines agenda as a result of fearless means she called out of the current management on a few problems, like the controversial medication war. Read more