MATE 1.14 Desktop

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Welcome to the MATE/OpenIndiana initiative

The MATE Desktop Environment is the extension of GNOME 2.

This is actually the web site for making use of, installing and building MATEВ® software regarding the OpenIndianaВ® operating system. You’ll find documents for applications that behave differently on OpenIndiana than on LinuxВ®. The compilation and installation directions are specialized for OpenIndiana administrators.

The MATEВ® community is definitely an worldwide technology team focused on developing a free and user-friendly computing experience, offering an advanced graphical desktop, a wide variety of applications for communication, work, education and activity and frameworks for building new applications.

OpenIndianaВ® is definitely an higher level os for contemporary host and desktops. OpenIndiana’s code base has undergone over a decade of continuous development, improvement, and optimization. Its produced by illumos kernel environment, the version of UNIXВ® initially developed at Sun Microsystems (now Oracle) and maintained by the illumos company.

The MATE/OpenIndiana group hopes this web site would have been a valuable resource for all who want in maintaining the higher level of compatibility between OpenIndiana and MATE Software Compilation that is seen up to now. The target is to facilitate the discussion of patches, finding insects, suggesting features and hopefully learning to be a valuable member of both the MATE and OpenIndiana communities

  • alacarte(mozo) is really a Menu Editor enabling users to alter which applications are shown in the menu that is main
  • baobabis a disk use analyzer. Read more