Illegal Russian casinos in Moscow have already been roosters that are using even rats for gambling purposes, police state.

It may not be a practice that many of us agree with, but most people are familiar because of the notion of cockfighting fighting roosters against each other so that you can gamble regarding the result. You most likely additionally remember dog fighting being in the news (especially when it involved football player Michael Vick). But rats used for gambling purposes? That’s new to us.

Perhaps Not Your Typical Sportsbook

Yet that’s exactly what authorities in Moscow found when they conducted a raid for an gambling that is illegal in the town. Police announced that during a raid of a bookmaker on Novy Arbat Street conducted last month, they came across cages containing roosters, rats, and even bugs all of which they believed had been utilized for gambling within the venue.

Police didn’t say which establishment the strange collection of animals came from, though they did report also recovering more traditional equipment, including eight computers that contained information on unlawful gambling tasks.

While there was no identification of the venue targeted in the raid, conjecture in the media has fallen for an activity complex referred to as Korona. Earlier this year, The Moscow News ran a piece detailing the actions going on at Korona, which is located on Novy Arbat.

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