Jason is my slasher that is favorite villain/character. He is strong, immortal and totally badass!

He enjoyed their mother also it had been after her death that he came ultimately back and started killing to avenge her. And considering he was bullied and drowned as being a child, he’s really a killer you are able to sympathize with. He is both badass and unique at the same time.

Jason is ruthless he’sn’t scared of any such thing and it is a straight up killer. No one is had by him unlike Michael along with his sister. U simply take Freddy from their world and bring him to ours therefore the dudes a puss. I prefer Freddy but realistically Jason would simply take him n a heartbeat. No issue. Michael is a badass to but Jason would up dice him and toss him away no issue

Jason v rhees and Michael Myers will be the horror movie killers that are best nobody can match how many people they’ve killed.

They both wear masks and oh that is immortal by the way Jason beat freddy in freddy vs Jason

We kove all the friday the 13th movie I keep these things all on vhs and dvd. Read more