I ENJOY my boyfriend so just why do we keep having rough sex with some guy from work?

Plus it is really HARSH intercourse. I must protect within the markings and bruises afterward so individuals don’t see.

I will be 28 and I also have already been with my boyfriend since I have had been 22. We now have resided together nearly all of that time and our sex-life has long been very good.

He is loved by me and would like to invest the others of my entire life with him. He’s 30.

But a man at your workplace chatted me up. We wound up venturing out for a glass or two and I also got completely hammered.

We booked as a hotel plus the intercourse got wilder and wilder. We don’t know very well what found myself in me personally. I inquired him to slap my face difficult and get rude and rough beside me. It is just like a medication if you ask me now.

We keep fulfilling up such as this and I also have always been covered in bite markings, slap markings and bruises, that we need to make an effort to explain away to my boyfriend.

Also though we ask the man to get this done in my experience and I also obviously want it, it’s embarrassing wanting to mask and seeing him at work once you understand just what has had spot between us. Read more