I do think Ive most likely mentioned before that, beyond destinations like Philip Morriss data laboratory in Neuchatel, i may have the most important selection of temperature certainly not reduce equipment on earth. Although Im mostly a vaper I really have got much more cigarette vaporisers than i really do e-cigs.

Demonstrably exactly why I have a large number of HnB gadgets is the fact customers supply these to review, but in fact Id almost certainly began accumulating them anyway sooner or later. By the time we begun vaping in 2013 technology had been fairly fully grown; within a couple weeks of stubbing out my favorite finally smoking I happened to be making use of a variable-power mod and rebuildable atomiser. We have witnessed a couple of adjustments over the years, but Im nonetheless using changed variations of those products.

HnB still is at an earlier period, though, and producers are actually experimenting additional easily. A few of them ready switched off in radical brand new guidance; many include attracting inspiration from e-cigs. Throughout the last few days Ive been recently playing with an AYI vaporiser, which undoubtedly stumbling into next concept. So long as youve been using a vape pen-style ecigarette, i believe the AYI is but one youre likely fancy. Lets take a look at it.

The Examine

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The AYI is available in a straightforward and solid cardboard container. In comparison to some Ive seen its really thin, small offer, that is constantly nice we are inclined to wait to the cartons issues come, commonly long afterwards Ive stolen or binned the merchandise alone (no, we dont determine the reason either) and small box save area throughout my pantry shelves. Read more