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Integrity of creative image for writing an analysis of literary work

Integrity of creative image for writing an analysis of literary work

Consciousness can function as a psyche, while the psyche as being a awareness. Being a basis, the prerequisites for artistic creativity, these edges are inseparably in theory. In science, we rely on a consciousness that operates with essences, trying to eradicate thoughts and experiences. In art and literary works, emotion contains thought, in idea – feeling. The image is really a synthesis of awareness and psyche, thoughts and emotions.

What’s the basis for creative imagination in literary analysis?

This appears to be the true basis of creative creativity, which can be feasible just because awareness and psyche, being autonomous spheres, are in the time that is same linked. It is impossible to lower the image towards the basic idea(to your goal of the principles): we ought to distract ourselves from thoughts. To lessen the image to direct experience way to “not notice” the turnover regarding the psyche, being able to be fraught with thought.

But, the integrity for the image is not just a sensually observed idea (concept). The image isn’t yet an easy method associated with the existence of simultaneously several concepts (a system of principles). The image is basically multivalued, it simultaneously contains aspects that are several. Technology can not manage this. Principles decrease an object (sensation) to one aspect, as much as one moment, deliberately abstracting from all others. Science explores phenomena analytically with subsequent synthesis, practicing all the moments of interrelation. Art, however, believes with regards to the meanings. Moreover, the current presence of the sum of the meanings is an indispensable condition for the “life” of this creative image. It is impractical to decide what is the true meaning, what’s the “more crucial” meaning.

Concept of artistic notion of literary work

Theoretically, creative content could be paid off up to a systematic, to a logically developed system of concepts. However in practice this can be impossible, which is not essential. Our company is working with the abyss of definitions. Even within the dilemma of the look of brand new semantic overtones, new deep meanings, about “self-production” of meanings in classical works. Since a work could be recognized towards the end only if absolutely the rational unfolding of images is recognized, it could be argued that the knowledge of a very creative tasks are a process that is endless.

Therefore, the image is indecomposable. Its perception can simply be holistic: as a personal experience of thought, as a sensually observed essence. This is why the systematic analysis associated with the work is a “double general” cognition of artistic integrity: apart from that the inexhaustibility of meanings cannot be paid off to a method, with such cognition, the adequate perception of thoughts – empathy – is kept out from the brackets.

The most complete perception associated with aesthetic item is always multifaceted:

  • empathy,
  • co-creation,
  • method of integrity through systematic dialectical logic.

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