Exactly where ATL meets NPR

Pick 100 large universities across hawaii, as well as the Atlanta-based stores for disorder Management and protection claims an average of you are going to add intercourse knowledge targeted to LGBT youth.An audio type of this report, because heard on All Things thought to be

Kaleb Anderson’s is absolutely not one.

Kaleb is a really junior at Atlanta’s B.E.S.T Academy senior high school, an all-male, largely African-American open public highschool in Southwest Atlanta.

“They don’t point out everything rather than men in addition to a lady sex,” he says. “With me getting outside and homosexual and relaxing in a sex ed class wherein they’re just dealing with a heterosexual man and girl having sex, [it] does not really apply to me personally at all,” he includes.

Kaleb, who is white, claims his or her family foretells him about safer-sex. He seems he or she understands sufficient to protect on his own. Precisely What they didn’t recognize would be that the young black colored man that is gay Atlanta which begins doing naughty things at age 18 has a 60 percent potential for becoming HIV-positive with the age of 30, in accordance with one document.

“I don’t claim frightened frequently, but that really frightens me,” Kaleb claims upon listening to the statistic. Read more