1. “You’re positively glowing today.” Yes, she actually is breathtaking, but that is already an understatement. Whenever you state a lady is radiant, beauty bursts from within.

2. “You’re extra radiant.” The same as a small ray of sunlight, this woman is a stunner that is true.

3. “You’re my Bonnie.” Yes, i am aware Juliet is a more popular option, but you’re perhaps maybe not the normal textbook couple, right? You’re a lot more fun and exciting.. hello…?

4. “I am under your spell.” If she appears extra glamorous, don’t hold it in. Inform your girlfriend exactly how much she resembles the Greek goddesses and deities.

5. “Seeing your text at the job makes every thing lighter.” Mondays are bearable due to that random cat emoji she sends over her lunch break. You might maybe perhaps not acknowledge it but little things count too, also for dudes.

6. “I’m happy you’re right right here.” Her know she’s your arm candy whether it’s your sick day or simply Netflix and chill, let.

7. “i enjoy to look at you sleep.” This will be sweet but don’t say this in a creepy / stalker kinda tone especially whenever you dudes are not really sharing a condo or haven’t slept in each home that is other’s.

8. “You suggest the entire world in my experience.” The globe is very big.. well maybe maybe perhaps not quite.. it is huge… so saying this may certainly keep a permanent markdown to her heartstrings. Read more