A brand new research demonstrates while millennials will be the many intimately tolerant generation, they’re not into bedding numerous lovers.

Emily Shire


“Each generation believes it created sex, ” science fiction author Robert Heinlein famously reported.

A corollary to that particular oft-quoted maxim is each generation assumes the next a person is having raucous sexual encounters with a lot of appealing, sweaty strangers in unimaginable methods.

Here’s an example: millennials—those born between 1982 -1999 (including yours certainly)—have been branded the hook-up generation.

From the time the media that are pesky whiff of our supposed, rainbow events non-Millennials have actually thought Generation Y is accumulating intimate lovers like brand new variations of iPhones.

In most fairness, just exactly how could they think otherwise? Millennials gain access to a apparently endless assortment of dating apps, which, yes, can and do dual as hook-up apps. Read more