“Sex is natural power. This has become changed, and through change there was transcendence. Instead of transforming it, religions are repressing it. And in the event that you repress it the normal result is a perverted person. He becomes enthusiastic about intercourse.

“The people who call me personally guru’ that are‘sex enthusiastic about intercourse. I’ve maybe maybe not discussed intercourse a lot more than We have discussed meditation, love, Jesus, prayer, but no body is apparently thinking about God, love, meditation, prayer. They jump upon it if I say anything about sex, immediately.

“Out of my 3 hundred books only 1 book issues intercourse, and that, too, perhaps perhaps not in its totality. The name of this written guide is From Intercourse to Superconsciousness. Only the start from it can be involved with intercourse; as you go deeper in understanding it moves towards superconsciousness, towards samadhi. Given that could be the written guide which includes reached to huge numbers of people. It really is a phenomenon that is strange my other publications have never reached to a lot of people. There isn’t a solitary hindu, jaina saint, mahatma in India who may have not look over it. It is often talked about criticized, analyzed, commented upon atlanta divorce attorneys feasible method. Numerous publications were written against it – as if that may be the only book i’ve written!

“Why therefore much focus? Individuals are obsessed specially the people that are religious obsessed. This label of ‘sex guru’ arises from spiritual individuals. ”

Make Meditation Out of Intercourse

“The greater amount of you get into meditation through intercourse, the less impact intercourse has. Meditation will develop from this, and from the meditation that is growing brand new home will start and intercourse will wither away. It will never be a sublimation. It shall be exactly like dry leaves dropping from the tree. Read more