I’m stumped half the time, NGL, but TIL precisely what the seat emoji in fact means.

Chances are, everybody knows exactly what NSFW, BTW, and TBH imply. (Proper?) For social media marketing aficionados, record that follows could seem basic—b ut if you don’t real time online (or invest half their own existence texting), there are numerous puzzling acronyms circulating rn. (usually in lowercase, which makes them actually harder to identify.) It may be confusing to decipher.

Should you’ve ever before scraped your face racking your brains on exactly what an abbreviation means, we’ve have you. Here’s a primer, or refresher, for PPL all along the social media marketing acronym range. (Note that this listing doesn’t consist of business-oriented social media marketing acronyms, like UGC, PV, and CTR. Here, we’re centered on conversational types .)

AF: As fu ck. Such a thing can emphasized with a well-placed AF. Read more