Co-author: Michelle Norton

It’s an unjust assumption that you must be looking for one with your hunnybunch/significant other/insert relevant term of endearment, here because you’re looking for a house.

And, it is most likely magnified further if you’re relying on one income while it is pretty widely acknowledged that housing affordability is tough in New Zealand at the moment. That being, stated, Canstar provides some suggestions about how exactly to have the shot that is best at securing a mortgage for a passing fancy income.

Getting mortgage loan approval: watch that credit score

Being approved for the loan is based on a true amount of factors, as well as your income, assets, and credit rating or credit rating. But you a home loan based on your income alone probably won’t be particularly alluring to a bank or financial institution unless you’re a doctor or lawyer, offering

What this means is you’ll have to be golden with regards to your assets and credit score if you wish to nab that single income home loan. Read more