Sara (Financial Obligation Camel) says

– Many people think QQ ‘ve got the loans incorrect, but it is since they count rollovers as all area of the loan that is first. And you might have had a flex account fully for a little while whenever all of your borrowing counts as a solitary loan.

Do you realize exactly just how interest that is much paid from the 6 loans QQ aren’t providing to refund? If a few of these are big loans, rolled a whole lot or flex loans you might be appropriate. But 9 away from 15 loans might be an okay offer, so that it’s better to be yes before making a decision to attend FOS that may frequently be a slow procedure.

Hi Sara, a complaint was sent by me to SafetyNet and they’ve got partially accepted my claim. I’m not sure how to handle it? I’d absorbed 60 loans constantly from Feb 16 to might 18, We have a balance that is outstanding them of ?727.45. Total Amount Borrowed – ?18302.51 excluding final loan of ?780, Total quantity repaid – 22305.95, Interest paid – 4003.44 There offer is the following; they accept obligation from 01 September 2017 (?1520.60), 8% interest (?261.07) – (?52.21)tax. Read more