“some individuals notice it as a lovely way that is connection—a see a lot more of their partner and also to become more intimate, ” claims Dr. Chris Donaghue, the writer of Intercourse away from Lines. The acclaimed intercourse specialist isn’t opining concerning the type of long, sluggish, deep, soft, wet kisses Kevin Costner described in Bull Durham. He is speaing frankly about urophilia, otherwise known as piss play or—in the language of an report that is unsubstantiated’s gotten some ink recently—golden showers.

Although urophilia is not quite because unusual that much because we have a culture that is still a bit squeamish about sex as you might think, we don’t talk about it. And when there is any such thing we are more squeamish about than intercourse, it is restroom practices. Urophilia does a job that is excellent of both lines.

“I do not inform anybody about the reality that i actually doit, ” confesses a European guy in their forties whom I contacted whenever I saw his “PEE ON ME PLEASE” advertising on Craigslist|it, ” confesses a European man in his forties whom I contacted when I saw his “PEE ON ME PLEASE” ad on Craigslist that I do. “I do not would you like to look bad. “

This man—let’s contact him Pierre—discovered he had been into piss play as he saw it in a porn a years that are few and found himself stimulated.

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