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  1. Introduction: goodness heals the brokenhearted
  2. Wedding is God’s idea!
  3. A successful matrimony needs God’s elegance
  4. Locating everything lover: exactly what should you look for?
  5. God-created gender as best enjoyed in a marriage covenant
  6. God’s energy is introduced in marriage
  7. God gives you the ability attain money
  8. The single thing to hope for: qarah
  9. Closure Prayer

Introduction: Jesus heals the brokenhearted

Pastor Prince gives a support to people with busted minds.

The goodness which figures the movie stars and sets them positioned is similar God who humbles themselves to depend the quantity of hairs in your mind.

The guy knows exactly what you’re going right through; The guy knows about that control, that harm, that betrayal and then he heals the brokenhearted and tie up their unique injuries (discover Ps. 147:3). Read more