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Straight male seniors are more unlikely than more youthful males to make use of condoms or understand much about intimate wellness, making them susceptible to infections, based on brand new research.


  • Family preparing NSW surveyed 2,339 heterosexual guys making use of online dating sites in 2014
  • Survey discovered males aged 50 or older had been less likely to want to utilize condoms
  • 50 % of guys over 60 did not understand chlamydia frequently cannot cause any outward symptoms

Family preparing brand new Southern Wales surveyed 2,339 heterosexual males who had been utilizing an internet dating solution in 2014.

The study discovered males aged 50 or older had been less inclined to make use of condoms and much more most likely than more youthful guys to imagine that condoms paid down intimate interest.

“It can in fact place them down sex, ” medical manager of Family preparing NSW, Deborah Bateson, stated.

“Or they would feel focused on sex having a condom. And so I think it is crucial we really address that perception.

“Older males that will not need utilized condoms for a long time, they could keep in mind grappling with condoms within their youth rather than understand there is a modification of technology. Read more