Yes, I experienced thought week-end too. I will not be so rash as to invite him over for just about any mom’s celebration but I will definitely hold out a few more days to contact day. I do not like to drive him further into his shell by over repeatedly calling him! Many thanks for the response, MrsC. X

I do not even understand a widower, never ever mind other things, but I would personally wonder if one thing took place from the week-end as he ended up being making the plans related to their DW which is at the underside with this. It isn’t clear exactly what the plans had been but is it feasible he doesn’t think of and now he is feeling very guilty and disloyal that he saw someone or had memories of his wife brought up that usually?

Would additionally want to include that i briefly met up with a friend who has also been widowed for 18 years today. We’d an instant cup tea as it was the anniversary of his late wife’s death before he went to the cemetary. He did not want to see her today because of wanting to be alone with his memories. I also think that men generally find it harder to talk about their feelings, maybe a widow is more anle to talk things through with her girlfriends which may help the grieving process although he has been seeing his new partner for just over 2 years? Merely a thought. Don’t throw in the towel, but possibly in another week send a text if you haven’t heard from him. After every of y our very very very early wobbles, I happened to be constantly the first to ever move, deliver a text etc while he ended up being completely away from training at resolving crises that are emotional. Read more