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What’s on the Y Chromosome passed down From Father to Son?

Among the countless things parents hand down to their kids are 23 pairs of chromosomes – those thread-like structures when you look at the nucleus of any mobile containing the hereditary directions for you. We inherit a couple of 23 chromosomes from our moms and another pair of 23 from our dads.

Those types of pairs would be the chromosomes that determine the sex that is biological of child – girls have actually an XX set and men have actually an XY set, with really uncommon exceptions in a few problems. Females always pass an X chromosome onto their offspring. In the event that dad passes for an X chromosome, the child would be genetically feminine, of course the daddy passes for a Y chromosome, the child will soon be genetically male.

Through that procedure for intimate reproduction, those two inherited chromosomes will “recombine” their genes, and therefore the chromosomes change hereditary information with one another. Read more

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