Betsy Chasse – Director/Producer of exactly exactly just What the Bleep Do We Know – Bestselling Author of Tipping Sacred Cows

“This guide is pure poetry. Kelly Sullivan Walden is just a pearl factory with metaphor after metaphor artwork clear and pictures that are precise lasting focus. This guide is lyrically written and compelled me personally to show web web page after web page into the wee hours regarding the evening. Then, 7 days a week, trying to find her poetic explanations and interpretations of dream symbols based on a study that is clearly vast relationship with archetypes and symbolism.

I’m inspired to dream, to be alert to my waking dreamers mind and am advised by the way for this guide to harness the effectiveness of my imagination that is creative to my ambitions by determining my desires and redefining the narrative of my waking and resting hopes and dreams with intent. Read more