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-tattered tangerine attire from old monk with his head

As found on Mt. Machtobo when Tinder registered the realm of Xel and being mostly of the mortals to-break of its realize single handedly. It was afterwards regularly frighten the crap out of the monks there, not on aim of program.

-lemon that never ever goes away as soon as you devour it Destined Lemon

On a single area try a goblins face with a tilted developed, his nostrils is quite huge. One other part illustrates a womans boobs on a sunset. A lot of coins expect getting chewed on by one thing with fangs.

- magical icicle switch-blade

Discovered close to the large Ice wall surface on Meridiem that has been safeguarded by Two Drow looking animals, though afterwards as daemons of kinds, the ice blade appears to be a frozen handle, that is cold to the touch, but moving the wrist creates a razor-sharp icicle. They shatters like normal ice, plus hefty temperature will burn. ((FOND OF OAKNOT POWDERLEAF))

-small dull bit of sharpening stone

Taken from Wol’s Dwarf-like avatar, it was lent during a strange confrintation with a tornado. [[

- tetsu’s budget *The book are designated “looking for tales”*

A novel utilized by Tinder therefore the team on Meridiem regarding unusual beasts that turned into legend, it details around 13 really popular them. One page try marked with a splotch of blood. Read more