In spite of how little Spanish you understand, it’s not hard to introduce you to ultimately an individual who talks Spanish. Listed here are three straight ways it can be done by you:

Introduce Your Self: Method 1

Merely follow these actions, and you will certainly be on your way to making a link with somebody whether or not that individual does not talk your language:

  • To state hello or hi, just state “Hola” or “OH-la” (rhymes with “Lola”; remember that the page h is silent in Spanish).
  • To introduce your self, merely state “Me llamo” (may YAHM-oh) accompanied by your title. As an example, “Hola, me llamo Chris” (“OH-la, may YAHM-oh Chris”) means “Hi, i am Chris.”
  • To inquire of someone’s title in a way that is formal say “їCуmo se llama usted?” or “KOH-moh say YAHM-ah oo-STED.” (The “oo” rhymes with “moo.”) This implies, ” exactly exactly What can be your title?”
  • In a friendly environment, or if perhaps talking to a young child, say “їCуmo te llamas?” or “KOH-mo tay YAHM-ahss.” Which also means, ” just just exactly What will be your title?”
  • Following the individual reacts, you might say, “Mucho gusto” or “MOOCH-oh GOOSE-toh.” The expression means “much pleasure” or, less literally, “pleased to satisfy you.”

Introduce Your Self: Method 2

This 2nd technique may be a somewhat less frequent method of launching your self, but it is nevertheless completely appropriate and is simpler to discover. Read more