Lod brock Handmade Wood BDSM Pillory Set Review

The Lod that is supremely impressive brock wood BDSM Pillory Set was provided to me personally for review by Master Lod brock of www.lod brock.com, and I also ended up being truly thrilled during the possiblity to check out this kind of hefty & exciting searching bit of kit. Delivery time for you to the united states & European countries is around 4 5 times, therefore the set arrived in discreet (if understandably massive) external packaging.

( simply simply click to grow, then utilize arrow tips to scroll any/all pictures in this review) Although I’d had a glance at the merchandise web page during the Lod brock internet site prior to the set arrived, I became still dazzled once I launched the container and retrieved the pillory instance. The Lod brock Handmade wood BDSM Pillory Set will come in a very sturdy and duty that is heavy situation (gorgeous hand made cedar field) that will be edged in steel and closes with steel fasteners. There’s a metal hinge whenever you start the full instance, to a single side. Upon opening, a maybe perhaps not aroma that is unpleasant me personally; i assume this is certainly from whatever treatment is on the wood & leather items. Read more