It’s for those who aren’t signed on as unemployed. You get depends on your circumstances whether you are eligible for Income Support and how much.


Universal Credit has been introduced across Northern Ireland, a claim should be made by you because of it in place of Income help.

All of the following need to apply to qualify for Income Support. You need to:

  • be between 16 and Pension Credit qualifying age
  • never be finalized on as unemployed
  • be either expecting, a carer, a lone parent with a youngster under five or, in many cases, struggling to work because you’re sick or disabled
  • don’t have any income or a low income (your partner’s income and savings will soon be taken into consideration)
  • be working not as much as 16 hours per week as well as your partner working not as much as a day a week (you may nevertheless qualify should you choose unpaid voluntary work or carry on parental or paternity leave
  • are now living in Northern Ireland
  • never be under immigration control

You don’t require a permanent target. You’ll nevertheless claim in the event that you sleep rough or real time in a hostel or care home.

Under 21 in additional training

You’ll also meet the requirements if you’re aged 19 or more youthful, in full-time additional training (including an amounts) and are usually among the following:

  • a moms and dad
  • perhaps not managing a parent or somebody acting as a moms and dad
  • a refugee learning English

While your secondary training finishes, you’ll continue steadily to get Income help up if you’re also orphaned or estranged from your parents until you turn 21.

Individuals who are maybe perhaps not qualified

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