Also known as the Bing of online dating sites, OkCupid works its algorithmic magic to aid thousands of people connect online and discover love. Unlike other online dating sites, OkCupid’s core functionality is often free, together with web web site boasts an abundant profile and matching system. The business has quickly risen up to rival the superiority of other online internet dating sites, one of which – – acquired OkCupid last year. Today, with 10 million active users and over one million application installs each week, OkCupid is a favorite location for individuals seeking to find love on line.


An On-line Match That Just Works

OkCupid first started utilizing Cloudflare to shield its website from on line threats also to guarantee security that is strong high access for the growing individual base. “We had been checking out safety solutions, and Cloudflare’s name bubbled towards the the top of list,” claims Alex Dumitriu, VP of Operations at OkCupid. “We liked that Cloudflare is really a nimble, fast-moving company that fits our company’s ethos.”

OkCupid took benefit of Cloudflare’s incorporated performance and protection solutions, and its particular globally distributed system of information facilities in 200 metropolitan areas. Aside from the robust safety protection, the company benefited from enhanced web page load times: in the usa, users in the western Coast experienced a 30% improvement in web page load times, plus in the uk, Cloudflare cut page load times by 50%—a dramatic improvement for the British individual base. Both internet site and users that are mobile these improvements.

OkCupid additionally experienced speed optimizations to its powerful content. Cloudflare enhanced the response that is API by doing SSL handshakes nearer to customers. More over, Cloudflare assisted OkCupid avoid TCP start that is slow reusing connections between Cloudflare’s advantage and OkCupid’s origin. Read more