We came flying from my personal mother’s uterus a very female creature. Everyone loves being a feminine creature. We lust after extra-virgin hair extensions and velvet-textured lipsticks and quilted Chanel handbags without embarrassment or apology. You’ll never listen to myself state anything insulting like “I’m sorry. I just like make-up!” Because I’m not sorry! Everyone loves determining as a femme! And I also love (like, *actually* appreciation) all of my man femme siblings african dating sites scattered over the fantastic expanse of your flawed-yet-beautiful world!

And chances are, if you clicked into this short article, you’ve got a special femme in your life. A femme you wish to ruin the shit out of this Holiday season because she’s unique and sparkly and also withstood for years and years to be undermined from the patriarchy, so she deserves to feel close.

But maybe you don’t just *know* what you should get this lady because you’re maybe not a femme and can not even commence to imagine what it’s like within a femme’s brain (it’s gorgeous but challenging, believe me)!

Well, don’t you fret your queer little heart, darling. The lesbian large brother is here that will help you browse the dark colored and stormy oceans of trip purchasing.

Before we make suggestions toward what you should buy, I’m gonna tell you everything you must absolutely not — under a conditions — get that ferocious femme that you know which you worship very.

1. A training in changing the oil of an automobile.

A long time ago, I became resting in the rear of a motor vehicle with one of my many fashionable femme siblings.

The woman sweetheart and my girl had been seated beforehand blasting shitty songs although we talked about lifetime in the again. Ultimately, we removed into a gas place. It had been an actual redneck, rural Florida-vibes type of gas station, the sort that right away raises my own protection antenna. Read more