Sociocultural and Individual Variations . Determining and Conceptualizing Intimate Orientation: Challenges

“Homosexual” had been the standard, medical term utilized to reference individuals whoever erotic, sexual, and affectional destinations had been to folks of the sex that is same. Numerous objections to your utilization of this term originated in lesbians and homosexual males by themselves because it ended up being initially utilized to explain a as a type of psychiatric condition or psychopathology. Other objections dedicated to the expression’s observed focus on the component that is sexual of and gay guys’s experiences in isolation off their complex and essential areas of their identities. Nevertheless other objections centered on the sex neutrality regarding the term and its particular masking regarding the distinctions between lesbians’ and homosexual males’s experiences and problems predicated on gender ( Bohan, 1996; Gonsiorek, 1991 ). Since most early psychological and medical studies on intimate orientation centered on men, the continued utilization of the term homosexual had been deemed methodologically imprecise with its application to men and women. Read more