Profile 5 Concentrations from CFC-11, CFC-twelve and CFC-113 from inside the closed ampoules off Withlacoochee River water of southern area-east Georgia showing degradation off CFC-eleven and CFC-113 and you may visible stability out of CFC-12 (regarding Plummer ainsi que al., 1998b).

CFCs weren’t degraded in the ampoules of one’s river water stored below light during the room temperature. Growth of alga was observed in these types of ampoules and that most likely sustained cardio conditions (Plummer mais aussi al., 1998b).

Make mais aussi al. (1995) presented nearly done destruction regarding CFC-11 and you may balances from CFC-twelve inside an effective sulphate-cutting mud aquifer close Sturgeon Falls, Ontario, Canada. There the latest groundwater ages according to CFC-twelve decided better toward noticed breadth of one’s mid-1960s step three H bomb top. Read more