The fresh new Filthy Dozen identifies several of the most well-known peoples error preconditions, or problems that is play the role of precursors, to help you crashes otherwise incidents. The latest Filthy Dozen try a notion developed by Gordon Dupont, inside the 1993, while the he was employed by Transportation Canada, and you will molded section of an elementary degree programme for People Efficiency from inside the Restoration. It’s got since the become a cornerstone off Human Points when you look at the Repair classes around the world, because the exemplified into the United kingdom CAA CAP715.

The Dirty Dozen is not an intensive listing of person error crash precursors, such as for example, ICAO Round 240-AN/144 listing more than 300 peoples error precursors. Yet not, just like the 1993 all areas of your own aviation community, not just routes repairs, are finding the Dirty Dozen a helpful addition to start conversations towards the person mistake in their enterprises, organisations and you may organizations. Thus, it may be you’ll to find Dirty Dozen listing to have pilots, ramp experts, air-traffic controllers and you will cabin staff.


The first list, setup for routes fix, is available in of many records, that very good example try TC14175, hence listing is used once the basis for it entry. There is no order out-of priority.

The newest Filthy Dozen is even used to reference an excellent poster promotion, produced by the maintenance And you may Ramp Safeguards Area (MARSS) to get the first Transport Canada degree program. Each poster illustrates another human factor.


While the Dirty Dozen listing of human issues has grown sense away from exactly how individuals is also contribute on the accidents and you can incidents, the aim of the theory was to attention interest and info toward cutting and you can capturing people mistake. Read more