Title and you can Theological Theme

After numerous years of slavery during the https://besthookupwebsites.net/pl/serwisy-randki-gap-wiek/ Egypt and forty years during the the latest wasteland, the latest Israelites have been ultimately allowed to enter the land assured to help you their dads. Abraham, usually a good migrant, never ever possessed the world that he was sent, however, the guy remaining so you’re able to their college students the latest heritage out-of God’s covenant you to produced her or him the new eventual heirs of all the off Canaan (find Ge ,16,18; 17:8). Joshua was destined to change which promise on truth. In which Deuteronomy finishes, the ebook out of Joshua starts: New people regarding Israel are nevertheless camped to your east front of your own Jordan Lake. The story reveals having God’s order to move pass and you may admission from river towards the dry-land. This may be relates the fresh new group of gains into the central, southern and you may northern Canaan you to definitely gave the fresh Israelites control over all the new mountain country together with Negev. Read more