Norwegian girl, my idea is when he could be being totally clear and contains absolutely nothing to conceal he then wouldn’t normally work annoyed or accuse you to be paranoid or crazy.

He’d comprehend and accept your anxiety in regards to the situation and do just what they can in order to make your feel secure and safe. I am certain you had witnessed the behavior that is same he had been involved with their event, since many of us had skilled. Doug made me think him, would become angry, and then turn around and text and call her that I was crazy for not trusting. Trust your instincts, but do not carry it up all too often, relax and gather all the details you may need just before confront him about their behavior. Linda

Many thanks Linda. Precisely my ideas too, the only about that there is nothing to fear if he really had nothing to hide he would not act angry, but try to reassure me. Read more