Today’s search also indicated that members didn’t think negative aspects of cousin relationship become the fresh new inverse of positive aspects away from relative matrimony: There was zero connection ranging from both of these rules, recommending you to definitely negative and positive perceptions into marrying your cousin is actually just a few opposites out-of an effective continuum but collection of constructs. Additionally, that the players had more negative thinking than confident perceptions to your cousin relationship is during range towards the commonly located development one “bad try stronger than a”-i.e. negative situations, attitude, otherwise perceptions surpass the self-confident competitors (Baumeister ainsi que al. 2001). Additionally, positive and negative thinking was basically in a different way connected with brand new big predictors: A reduced existence record are absolutely in the an awful feelings but not adversely having a positive ideas into cousin relationships. This means that, to place it a little most, that people which have a more sluggish lives record, who will be characterized by, and others, confident relationship with the moms and dads, a reduced mating work, and lower levels out of exposure taking, and higher levels of foresight and you can effort, are just abhorred because of the thought of marrying a sister. Read more