Well, even then approaching her is quite difficult

Not all of this is always an issue but it’s always in my head whenever I try to approach anyone, even when I believe in myself and feel confident.

I’m insecure and girly. I want a girl to approach ME. I don’t want to approach a girl who wants to be chased. I want to be seduced, damn it. Unfortunately those goth girls are often one of the following: unattractive (nothing irks me more than a hideous girl who thinks she’s totally hot), tomboyish (I don’t like the masculine girl look–I like the feminine look), lesbians (bisexual girls don’t count here), sadistic dominatrixes (not being into S&M at all, this doesn’t work for me). and regardless of whether or not they are any of these things, chances are they won’t approach me, they’d probably prefer to approach a guy who pulls off the look better. (See, I can’t do a better job of pulling off the goth look because I can’t stand make up, can’t grow my hair long (trust me, it doesn’t work–I tried), I can’t find any good men’s gothic clothing that I can afford. I do all that I can but it’s just not enough.)

OK, so some of you know that I really want a gothic girlfriend. (Shallow? Certainly. But it’s a bit of an obsession, I’m afraid.)

For me, practically the only way to meet gothic girls is to go to a local gothic/industrial dance club. None are at my school, none are in my neighborhood. This is the only place where I ever see any.

-Because you generally don’t know anything about someone’s personality, then if you decide to approach someone, then you’re approaching them based on asthetics, on how they look, their outfit, their dancing. Read more