Sex and you can sexuality was complex information, however they enjoy a large role in the framing our very own identity. As the planet’s becoming more modern, it’s still tough to discuss the individual needs one to determine who we like and you may getting attracted to. The method is going to be also more complicated for these whoever sexuality or intercourse identity intersects with other sources of oppression, like having gay folks of color.

Right here, we are going to try to tackle a few of the most well-known concerns individuals enjoys when examining its intimate and you will gender term, to determine the place you fit.

First, some basic terminology:

  • Physical sex tasked at the delivery: according to the genitalia a person is born which have
  • Gender: according to what a person feels otherwise understands they have been
  • Cisgender: intercourse label matches this new physiological gender assigned at the birth
  • Transgender: gender title differs compared to the physical intercourse assigned at delivery
  • LGBTQIA+: perhaps not cisgender and you can/or otherwise not heterosexual – somewhere towards spectral range of intercourse and you can sexual fluidity

Most people believe that biology identifies gender and you may intimate orientation. Read more