Information analysis

The info had been analysed via an approach that is thematic. Most of the combined team talks had been transcribed verbatim from Ga, Twi, Fante, Ewe and Dagbani into English language by a team of transcribers with Ga, Twi, Fante, Ewe, Dagbani and English language competence. All transcripts had been coded utilizing the ATLAS TI 7 and had been analysed using thematic analysis. The very first phase associated with analysis included reading all of the transcripts to spot appearing codes and themes. A variety of deductive and inductive codes ended up being used by the framework that is analytical. The deductive codes had been produced by past studies that examined the partnership between intercourse and cardiovascular activities and studies on sexuality [8, 9, 27, 43, 44]. The writer additionally had discussions that are several a few peers who have been professionals in African history and sexuality. Read more