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I go on Clinton Mountain from the Northern and you can Eastern, maybe a little beyond an effective crow’s kilometer, and i have an antennae in my loft on ‘dated days’.

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Undecided in the event that everything possess work. you can relate to our very own 2.4Ghz antenna that have line of attention in addition to best directional antenna. We’re playing with ubiquiti resources.

regrettably we really do not feel the group doing far for the ways off help. I’m hoping discover somebody otherwise certain category you to definitely establishes they need certainly to assist spread 100 % free wireless. It will additionally be a money maker to help individuals score heading.

I take advantage of an identical settings on mountains within Ireland. My ISP’s mast is over 5 a long way away and you may I have zero problems in virtually any weather or snap. Sadly even if not at no cost. Nice one to men!

Perhaps unlike a good rote dismissal regarding Richmond, and a plaintive mention of insufficient volunteer group, it could be you’ll to offer a relationship to a technological discussion board post one to provided an easy drawing. Read more