The main one where your feet come in the atmosphere

“Modified missionary—with my ankles resting back at my partner’s shoulders—with a dildo against my clitoris does it for me personally every time that is single” —Vee, 27

The one which goes additional deeply

“Missionary having a complete size pillow placed directly under me personally. It will make the position easier from the sides and penetration seems lot better since it subtly changes the angle.” —Jocellyn, 28

Usually the one where you’re utilizing a pillow

“I adore the positioning that’s called ‘doggy pillow’ where you’re lying on a pillow to your stomach under your belly/hips. This has the benefit of doggy style-like penetration (that I love given that it hits my G-spot just right) it is less difficult on my sides and elbows since We don’t quite need certainly to brace myself as harshly. I experienced neck surgery about last year, which left me experiencing like i possibly couldn’t enjoy the best position (doggy design) nevertheless now i recently take action using this small modification and oh YES.” —Isabel, 33

The one which’s hands-free

“On top is most effective when I have older—it allows for many several types of orgasm intensity. Plus, both hands are absolve to play and stimulate more.” —KC, 45

The only where you spoon

“My boyfriend spooning me personally while we fool around with my clitoris appears to work most readily useful for attaining orgasm. Often, he plays with my clitoris in this place, alternatively. Either way, orgasmic! I’m unable to own an orgasm via my g-spot, like lots of women. We need clitoral stimulation. For missionary, my fan grinds against me personally, leading to their region that is pelvic rubbing my clitoris. Read more