Per year . 5 once I published assist, My Cat Can’t Pee, my sweet little black pet, Kizzy, very nearly passed away once again from an overall total blockage that is urinary. Fortunately, before he blocked totally, we’d already made a decision to just take the instead dramatic action of perineal urethrostomy surgery.

Kitties become prospects with this crazy surgery after they’ve been obstructed three or even more times, relating to my veterinarian. a 12 months ago, we thought we’d never do so. The surgery is extreme: The veterinarian cuts off the cat’s penis and tacks the edges regarding the urethra available wider with sutures. After those sutures dissolve, your pet has a nice wide highway that is urine underneath their rectum. (He’s still a “he,” theoretically, albeit a “he” without any penis.) (Genitals don’t equal sex, anyhow. Read more