There’s no shortage of sketchy, not-scientifically-informed information online on items that might affect your odds of conception. We’re able to compose for months but still maybe maybe not dispel every myth that is available to you (unfortunately).

On this page, we’ll consider two frequently cited fables about items that make a difference conception:

Myth 1: Intercourse roles, and lying down after intercourse, impact your odds of conception.

Myth 2: Having an orgasm while having sex makes conception much more likely.

We’ll give an explanation for explanation the fables exist, the appropriate scientific tests, plus the level to which there could be any truth for them.

Myth 1: Intercourse place, and lying straight straight down after intercourse, impacts your odds of conception

The reason the myth exists

This myth is based on the scientifically correct fact that for conception to happen, sperm needs to reach and fertilize an egg at its core. Read more