I believe in the event that you certainly are horny together, things will end up in spot. You do this coming from a not-slimy, non-opportunistic, and honest place, this will (once you’ve stopped hooking up) be something you look fondly at and giggle about in the future if she is a good friend and. published by superlibby

Eh. has any desire was expressed by her to own a rebound fling/hookup? Because if you don’t, yeah this reeks of drama and also you actually coming down being a letch.

You are friends. You making the techniques as you wanting a relationship, unless you make it abundantly clear before anything physical starts on her is likely to be construed. Of program that discussion, also beneath the most useful of circumstances, would come off pretty probably skeezy.

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Physically, I would personally be insulted if an in depth male buddy propositioned me for intercourse, particularly should they particularly stated that they had no curiosity about continuing a relationship beside me. Nevertheless, i understand girls that could never be insulted by this and also you would understand much better than I. If she’s had lots of casual intimate relationships and it is the kind of individual to deliberately look for them away, then perhaps, otherwise most likely not.

The next thing is the timing could supply the impression you are attempting to make use of her whenever she actually is emotionally susceptible. This is why it that much more likely that she might take it in a bad means.

You ultimately understand her most useful, i believe it really is a scenario you kind of want to feel down unless she initiates, this is a bad idea with her, but my gut reaction is that. posted by whoaali

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