Within the chronilogical age of Bing Maps and GPS, that may determine the actual turns need that is you’ll navigate a new town, are paper maps obsolete?

“I just don’t think that’s even remotely real,” said author Betsy Mason. “Maps do this alot more than allow you to navigate.”

In “All Over the Map: A Cartographic Odyssey,” published in October, Mason along with her co-author Greg Miller explore more than 200 maps from all points ever sold and all sorts of over the planets. Several also dip into imaginary globes.

Close to the start of book, you’ll look for a map that displays 6,000 many years of Mississippi River meandering; nearby the end, you’ll encounter the famously evasive Death Star plans through the Star Wars movies. In between, there are maps of trade channels, mind cells, geologic faults and cities that are ancient.

In an meeting with all the PBS NewsHour, Mason talked about just how maps of all of the types assist individuals comprehend the ways individuals, places and a few ideas are linked, and how we are able to connect with the entire world around us all. The discussion was modified for size.

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