3 Scott therefore the Van Der Woodsens

As the concentrate on Scott is more heavily linked with the Humphreys, that just makes the missed possibilities with the Van Der Woodsens a lot more disappointing. Serena and Eric have a sibling they never ever knew about, and there’s mention that is never much of they simply take the news, or exactly what relationship they usually have with him. Both Serena and Eric may have benefited from an support that is outside, particularly somebody who shares their DNA not their upbringing. Scott might have aided them really understand how all messed up some right elements of top of the East Side are, and perhaps also fundamentally assisted them to disengage from this.

2 Scott and Virtually Everybody Else

While Chuck knew whom Scott Rosson had been from fairly in early stages, all of those other gang ended up being more or less held at night (except Vanessa). Nate and Blair may have had a way to be real buddies for Eric, Jenny, Dan, and Serena upon the revelation, also it will have been interesting to see if and just how Scott managed to be brought in to the Upper East Side fold. It would have been fun to have another boy almost as conniving to help keep Chuck on his toes while he and Chuck likely would never be destined to be best friends.

1 Carter Baizen and Ben Donovan

Bad males combining up is obviously enjoyable to look at. Because Carter Baizen and Ben Donovan weren’t around within the exact same periods, they never ever had a way to connect. When they had, however, they’d are finding that they had plenty in keeping – both thinking about Serena, both with ulterior motives, both looking to get use of the wider Upper East Side world. Their motives had been various – absolutely essential for Carter and revenge for Ben – however, if they’d existed during the time that is same they might have experienced a truly daunting bad-guy ‘good cop/bad cop’ arrangement, which may have exponentially improved their specific success. Read more