Substitute judgment with love

You will see things your grandkids’ moms and dads accomplish that you don’t accept. You will see alternatives your grandchildren make you won’t accept. Never lose your relationship from the altar of disagreement. Orange locks? Ignore it and love. Tattoos? Ignore it and love. Some friends of ours have a grandson whom stated he had been homosexual. Their response to their grandson balanced God’s truth using their love with their grandson: “We don’t feel this is certainly God’s perfect for you (truth), but you’ll be ours (unconditional love). You are loved by us.”

Recognition does not suggest agreeing. It indicates accepting the truth of the grandchild’s circumstances and loving him as you pray for a changed heart through it, even.

Deliberately stay linked

My mom grandmothered from a distance before there is FaceTime or social media marketing. She utilized the telephone, mail and individual visits. Whenever our kids were young rather than yet visitors, she signed all her cards and notes with a straightforward, curly-haired caricature of by herself. Read more