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A flexible budget for a level of activity of 60,000 machine hours would show total manufacturing overhead costs of ……………

A single product company estimated its unit to be produced for the next year quarter wise as under:

Question 112. A department has budgeted monthly manufacturing overhead cost of ? 90,000 plus ? 3 per direct labour hour. If a flexible budget report reflects ? 1,74,000 for budgeted manufacturing cost for the month, the actual level of activity achieved during the month was: (A) 88,000 direct labour hours (B) 28,000 direct labour hours (C) 58,000 direct labour hours (D) Cannot be determined Answer: (B) 28,000 direct labour hours

Question 113. Z Co. has budgeted manufacturing costs for 25,000 units are: Fixed manufacturing costs ? 25,000 per month, Variable manufacturing costs ? per unit. Z Co. produced 20,000 units during March. How much is the flexible budget for total manufacturing costs for March? (A) 2,60,000 (B) 3,25,000 (C) 2,40,000 (D) 2,65,000 Answer: (D) 2,65,000

Question 114. If indirect repair cost at 6,000 labour hours is 42,000 and ? 63,000 at 9,000 labour hours, then it indirect repair cost is in nature. (A) Variable (B) Fixed (C) Semi-fixed (D) None of the above Answer: (A) Variable

Which cost is semi-variable in nature? (A) Repair, shop labour inspection (B) Repair, Power, Consumables inspection (C) Shop labour Consumables (D) Repair, Power inspection Answer: (D) Repair, Power inspection

Question 116. Recent budget prepared by G Ltd. show that inspection cost is ? 5,000 at a capacity level of 2,500 units out of which 25% is semi-variable. What will be inspection cost at 1,750 level of activity? (A) ? 6,125 (B) ? 4,625 (C) ? 3,875 (D) ? 3,625 Answer: (B) ? 4,625

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In terms of college loans, President Biden Joe BidenAre i investing trillions about what things?

Biden eulogizes Reid as an excellent fighter ‘for the newest The usa we all love’ at memorial service Fox Information passes critiques to possess publicity towards Jan. six anniversary situations Far more is pretending for example Lucy removing this new sports exactly as naive Charlie Brownish are certain to kick they . Each time the newest president establishes a separate date in order to restart college student payments, the guy requires it out. Student consumers wonder whenever costs may start once again assuming it do, where they find the money it long-ago spent.

Same as they must sanctuary on the airport during the Kabul, it has to deal with loan forgiveness

Postponing costs isn’t a policy; simple fact is that absence of an insurance policy. Although it does create almost certain that student loans goes delinquent. A loan in place of discipline, in the place of enforced laws and regulations, title loan susa near me simply foolish. The brand new education loan program constantly is. It was lending in order to 17-year-dated kids without having any borrowing from the bank inspections centered on a hope and good prayer that the kids create are able to pay it later on without the tip just what prominent and you will focus, tenors and you can non-payments very mean.

Today, new management should salvage exactly what it can also be. Let us keep in mind, the guy campaigned into the flexible “a minimum of $ten,000/person out-of federal student loans.”

Should your management cannot deal with this particular fact, this may suffer widespread defaults with the the fresh new fees time on the p right up enforcement by the their collectors. Read more

Car Finance on Positive. Are on value doesn’t indicate your can’t see car lease, even if you have less than perfect credit.

Many people think that if you’re getting value then your money is certainly not legitimate when considering obtaining car finance. As Bad Credit Car Finance specialist, we realize that some individuals on positive have actually a steady money and we also enjoy people to try to get car lease with us.

Only at Go automobile credit score rating, we’re able to give car lease for people on importance. Unlike some other lenders, we bring importance into account whenever determining your earnings while we will also help if you have practiced less than perfect credit.

All situations are thought – advantages, CCJs, defaults, arrears, self-employment – therefore we may provide car finance for unemployed, also. Whatever your position, we can let, and you can pick from several quality used cars from our variety of authorized dealers through the UK.

49.6percent APR consultant – susceptible to status and cost

As soon as you visited us to apply for car lease on benefits, after moving original checks, a determination is going to be made by a proper individual, perhaps not entirely according to a pc rating. Consequently we can examine your current finances and consider any advantages that you may obtain of course you have skilled poor credit before.

Payment systems are worked out on value, in the end other outgoings being taken into account and every instance was handled on a specific grounds. We don’t have a similar recognition criteria as different main-stream lenders, so even if you being dropped someplace else for poor credit, we can easily help you get the funds needed for vehicles you want. Read more

What’s a group Agency? You might be wondering, “what is an assortment agency? in the event that you’ve been contacted by a group agency,”

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What exactly is a collection agency?

If you’ve been contacted by a group agency, you might be wondering, “what is a group agency?” Not everyone knows the solution, particularly when they’ve always paid down debts on time. Whenever delinquent that is you’re a financial obligation (at the very least 60 times overdue), an assortment agency can start to get hold of you to definitely gather. This may take place with charge cards, medical bills, mortgages, and individual and automobile financing. You may also hear from the collector for outstanding cell and utility phone bills.

Just how do debt collectors work?

just exactly How debt collectors work can differ. In a few circumstances, they may work as middlemen with respect to the creditor to gather your financial troubles. In other people, they may buy the debt through the creditor at a price reduction. Read more

Features of an on-line personal bank loan over mortgage during Covid 19. Do you know the benefits of availing an on-line unsecured loan over loans from banks?

It is often nearly a since our country has entered the phase of unlock 1.0 month. The economy happens to be picking right on up over the past couple weeks, and likewise, there’s been a rise in the sheer number of COVID situations. A few of the continuing states which had exposed up went into lockdown once more or are planning of imposing a lockdown to suppress the spread of this virus.

Do you know the features of availing an internet loan that is personal loans from banks?

No- contact loans

The biggest benefit of an on-line unsecured loan over a financial loan would be that they have been no-contact loans. To obtain that loan from the unsecured loan application like Money View you’dn’t want to walk out of your house. All it a mobile or a desktop that you require is a device connected to the internet; be.

Throughout the lockdown, a lot of you might ‘ve got stuck in places for which you might possibly not have a banking account. Having a software on your own phone, you’ll submit an application for a loan that is personal any part of this nation.

Therefore remain house, remain secure and safe thereby applying for the loan from your own unit. Manages to do it get any easier?

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