DEAR MAYO CLINIC: i will be within my belated 50s and also have recently unearthed that intercourse has become quite uncomfortable. I will be presuming it is because I’m past menopause, but what’s the way that is best to help make intercourse less painful?

RESPONSE: Dyspareunia, the word for painful vaginal intercourse, is quite typical. Quotes differ, but surveys of postmenopausal ladies maybe not on hormones treatment report dyspareunia in up to 20 to 30 %. It’s often divided in to three groups: trivial discomfort, deep discomfort or both. The majority of women complain of trivial pain, which happens upon genital penetration. Frequently, the pain sensation includes a sharp or burning quality. Deep discomfort does occur with deep thrusting or penetration. For a few ladies, dyspareunia is short-term. Read more